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The Center for Demography and Human Rights, CENADEDH is an institution dedicated to training and research in the area of Human Rights.  The Center is made up of a group of professionals, including women and men, with extensive experience in Human Rights and its associated disciplines. We join with the conviction of contributing to the construction of fairer societies, respectful of differences and egalitarian in the recognition of the rights of all people. 


We believe that the guarantee and exercise of human rights is the responsibility of all the components of a society. 

Our mission

Contribute to the construction of more egalitarian societies in dignity and rights; respectful of differences and diversities and aware of the exercise of their Human Rights.

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Our Mission

Our vision

To be a reference organization in training and research in Human Rights that contributes to a change of perspective  in the daily actions of people, in order to achieve harmonious and respectful societies of differences.

Services in the area of Human Rights

  • Design and execution of training activities: courses, seminars, workshops

  • Consulting: diagnostics, analysis and research

  • Design, execution and coordination of projects

  • Design and application of measuring instruments

  • Design and elaboration of protocols

  • consultancies

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